With a background in residential development, affordable housing and planning we are uniquely qualified to understand planning issues from all sides and to prepare for every eventuality.

Planning Applications

Submitting a planning application requires a wide range of expert reports as well as the services of a general planning consultant. Viability reports test whether a development is economically viable and can provide the right amount of affordable housing contribution required by planning policy.

We have experience running these assessments and completing the reports to comply with policy.  We have had success in reducing the amount of affordable housing or contribution required in many cases.  Part of our planning services include running the assessment, writing the report and negotiating with the Local Planning Authority to protect you from paying for more affordable housing than you need to.

S106 Planning Agreements

In planning terms, Section 106 agreements (also referred to as ‘developer contributions,’) make development proposals acceptable that would otherwise not be accepted. We have experience in assessing and negotiating on S106 requirements.

Uses for S106 planning obligations can include:

  • Securing affordable housing
  • Securing financial contributions
  • Specifying the type and timing of affordable housing
  • Restricting land development in a specific way
  • Requiring operations to be carried out in on or over the land
  • Requiring specific use of the land
  • Requiring sums to be paid to the authority on a specified date (or periodically)

Planning policy changes with each government announcement and we are consistently up to date with such changes, in order to best consult with you on strategy.

Planning Appeals

Planning appeals are the process by which you are entitled to challenge refusals, non-determinations, conditional permissions, and the issue of Enforcement Notices.

Adam Roberts has a strong background in planning and has appeared as an expert in planning enquiries, which emphasises the depth of our background and experience. Our multi-disciplinary team utilises the most effective strategies to help you to manage planning appeals that range from simple to complex, with experts that will utilise the most effective strategy to secure the best possible outcome.

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