Concept Design

The concept or feasibility design stage is the initial design idea, which covers the outline proposals in preparation for a pre-application submission. (All aspects of the building will later be incorporated into a detailed design.) At Adam Roberts Consultancy, our team will help you develop the brief, conduct a planning strategy and create schedules of accommodation, financial viability, and a cost plan. We’ll develop a programme and phasing strategy and align buildability with construction logistics.

Our team will then present you with a concept design report which will include potential design concepts that may be explored in the detailed design stage. Also, it will indicate any actions or instructions necessary from our client.

Maximising Site Density

Our design team maximises site density creatively through advanced analysis, thorough research and over three decades of experience. We can leverage value while respecting existing scale in accordance with government and local policies, taking into account the site, buildings, location and the surrounding landscape. Every detail is considered and reflected in the designs we produce.

Project Managing The External Design Team

We provide project management services for a range of design schemes, including residential, commercial and mixed use developments. Let us sort out the right team for your project. Your bespoke team will manage plans and costs and execute the project to the highest standards. We also offer structured packages that may more efficiently suit your management needs.

Pre-application Drawings

We provide pre application or feasibility drawings as part of the pre application submission. Our drawings are of the highest standard to satisfy all planning application requirements in terms of clarity, scale and accuracy. The pre application drawings also meet all building regulation considerations. We accompany the plans with all of the necessary information to meet the planning validation requirements.

For more information on any of our design, planning or architectural services, contact Adam Roberts Consultancy.