Interim Management

Our team has experience working in interim positions across the public and private sector, including private developers and local authorities.

Why Interim Management?

Unforeseen staffing issues can occur, including illness and resignation or even maternity leave cover. You may have staffing needs that we can help you meet, especially in situations where projects are about to start immediately.

Perhaps you are entering a new sector and could benefit from our knowledge and experience.  The need for interim management can be a sign of a growing and successful company; we can fill in the gaps of unexpected work increases.

Adam Roberts Interim Practices

Whether through restructuring or unexpected growth, Adam Roberts offers interim management solutions that seek to understand the wider pressures within an organisation as well as its key principles.   At Adam Roberts, we will meet with you to gain an understanding of your needs for the interim period.  Our specialist consultants will provide services that range from supplying a single experienced quality senior manager to an entire regeneration or development team; managing one specific development site or project, or many.

Types of Interim Management Services

Aspects of our interim management include commercial and technical due diligence, feasibility studies, business planning, audits, and monitoring.  Within the public sector, we’ve helped to set up housing development teams in Hillingdon and Haringey and placed quality project managers in Barnet and Camden to work on regeneration and renewal projects.  Our work has included securing site funding and partnering up with RPs (Registered Housing Providers) to arrange negotiations on Section 106 planning in order to gain mutual agreement on affordable housing.

Friendly, knowledgeable Adam Roberts consultants can provide temporary management solutions to add value to your organisation through our expertise and skills. Our interim managers are known for their expertise and experience; able to assimilate information quickly and easily to meet goals and deadlines with a positive approach and a smile.

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