Residential Design

We offer property development services to clients across London and the South East and have a network that reaches across the UK and Europe.


We work with a range of clients including individuals, small to medium developers, RP’s and local authorities; this enables us to approach residential projects with a unique outlook because we begin every journey with as broad a viewpoint possible.

We are able to foresee potential issues before they arise, thus arming our clients with superior knowledge both in terms of building design and land management.

Because we are in the fortunate position of maintaining good relationships with many local authorities, we are also able to approach issues such as planning permission and other red-tape scenarios from a unique standpoint and with an understanding which outstrips most other architectural services.

No client is the same so we need to first gain a full understanding of a client’s needs and explore multiple options with them. From there, we translate these ideas and needs into designs which stretch the limits of the client’s vision. Our development background enables us to maximise the value of any opportunity.

We always work closely with our clients, from the first meeting to obtaining planning consent, searching out practical solutions to any challenges that may arise during the process.