Residential Planning Permission on Green Belt Land in Hertfordshire

goffs-oak-hertfordshire green belt planning permission

Our clients have a beautiful site in Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire, since their existing offices there were no longer fit for purpose they wanted to move into their other much larger office nearby. The site offered an excellent opportunity for residential development, particularly because of the beautiful views and the fact that Goffs Oak is in the commuter belt – a highly sought after area within easy reach of London.

However, the site did come with a number of challenges. The largest of which was the fact that the property was situated within the green belt, making planning approval extremely difficult. In order to improve our client’s chances of success, we closely examined local planning requirements as well as similar successful applications in the area to guide our client when putting in a design and application. The ultimate design was extremely sensitive to the existing building and the surrounding area; it only used the building’s existing footprint and maintained the openness and views across the countryside. Context is incredibly important within architecture, and this build works well within its surroundings and caters to residents’ desires for practical living in a beautiful environment.

This project is an excellent opportunity for the client to make a significant profit within the residential sector, using assets within their current portfolio and working around planning incentives and demand in the area. We are pleased to announce that we were ready to apply for planning permission on this project by the end of 2016.