5 Projects You Can Do Without Planning Permission

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Planning permission can be a very time-consuming and costly process. Delays are common and there is no guarantee that you will receive permission to go ahead with your plans. However, for those of you looking to refurbish an existing building, you may be surprised to learn that there are quite a few changes you can make without seeking planning permission. Read on to learn more…

  1. Interior renovations

There are many internal remodelling jobs that you can carry out without planning permission, such as changing room layouts and wall positions. So whether you want to build a large kitchen-diner, create a playroom or add an en-suite bathroom, you can do it all without checking with your local authorities.

  1. Add a porch

If you have a small entrance hall, or your front door opens straight into your living room, then you may benefit from adding a porch to your property. This kind of project does not need planning permission, providing the new porch is no more than 3m high and 3m2 in floor area.

  1. Convert a garage

Your garage is another space that you can transform without seeking planning permission. You could use your garage as additional living space, or turn it into a gym or utility room. To avoid any issues with your local council, you just need to ensure that all alterations are internal.

  1. Convert your loft space

Add another room to your home by converting your loft space. You may be surprised to know that a loft conversion doesn’t always require a planning application. Under Permitted Development rights, you can turn your dark attic into a new bedroom or a home office with the addition of roof lights. However, you must ensure that these windows do not extend any higher than the existing roof.

  1. Build an outbuilding

Outbuildings consist of sheds, garages, summerhouses and home offices. You cannot use an outbuilding as a residential property, however should you wish to create a new office space or a small home gym, this is possible without applying for permits. It is important to note that your new outbuilding must not exceed a height of 4 metres and cannot cover more than 50% of the land around your house.

Remember a property consultant will always be able to advise you on the best options for your home improvements.  They will be able to foresee potential issues before they arise and answer all of your building design and land management questions.

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