Photography Tips for Selling Your Property

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Great photography is essential for successfully marketing your property.
You need to ensure that your property photos stand out from the competition when a buyer is browsing. These photos could be the deciding factor between a buyer choosing to visit your property or to continue their search. To ensure the photos of your home stand out from the rest, here are our top photography tips for selling your property…

Room preparation

Try to ensure you have carefully prepared or ‘staged’ the room ready for your photographs. Tidy away any mess and try to clear floors and surfaces as much as possible. Set up each room to show how best it can be used. In the kitchen or dining area for example, you can set the table with matching bowls and cutlery, or even add a vase of flowers. In the bedroom you could set up your bed with your best linen and decorative pillows.

Lighting & picture quality

Although smart phone cameras are very advanced and are great for taking pictures, a professional camera and tripod will always give you the best quality photos. Invest in, or borrow, a good quality camera for the best results. Check the lighting before you start snapping, to avoid the pictures looking dark and fuzzy and try to take all photos in daylight. If necessary, switch on all the lights in the room, even during the day, to make it feel warmer and more inviting.

Outdoor preparation

Choose the right time of day to take your photos, ensuring that the outside of your property is well lit by the sunlight. If possible move any cars or bikes out of the areas you wish to photograph and hide any bins or rubbish. Make sure that the garden looks neat and tidy by giving the grass a cut and storing away any tools or toys.

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