A Helpful Guide to Moving Offices

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Moving offices is an exciting time, but it also takes a huge amount of planning and organising, which can be very time consuming and often expensive. The whole process can become stressful for all involved, so you will need to ensure you leave plenty of time to plan and prepare properly.

To help alleviate some of the stress, we have created this handy guide, which takes you step-by-step through the relocation process.

Step 1 – Planning

Planning is crucial to an efficient office move. Here are a few essential tasks to get you started:

  • Create a ‘relocation team’ and appoint a leader to oversee the office move. It is also a good idea to choose a leader from each department, to take charge of their team and their area.
  • Confirm the relocation date and inform all employees of your moving plan, giving dates and times where possible.
  • Book your office removal company and any specialists for technical equipment.
  • Plan a visit to the new offices, ahead of your moving date, with your ‘relocation team’ and the removal companies to discuss your requirements.

Step 2 – Prioritise

There is a lot to get organised, so try to prioritise each task. Start by informing your staff, clients and suppliers of your relocation and then begin planning your new office space.

Below are some important tasks to consider prior to your move:

  • Utilities – review your gas, water and electricity contracts in both your new and current offices and look into your insurance options.
  • Study your new office space carefully and make a note of the dimensions of each room, so that you can ensure that your existing furniture will fit.
  • Identify all electrical outlets and storage spaces. This will help you to create your new office floor plan and make the most of the space.
  • Update and order new marketing material, such as stationary, business cards and your website and arrange the redirects of your post and phone calls.

Step 3 – Moving day

The big day has arrived and all that careful planning now comes into play! Follow the tips below to get your new office up and running efficiently:

  • Ask your ‘relocation team’ to hand out your new floor plan to each member of staff and the removal companies.
  • Give the removal company clear instructions on where to move all furniture. Make this as easy as possible by labelling all boxes and furniture.
  • Hand out a checklist to each department detailing each job they need to do. For example, desks cleared, draws empty, furniture labelled, walls cleared, etc.
  • Have your tech team ready to set up all technical equipment as soon as possible, to reduce the amount of down-time you will incur.
  • Don’t forget refreshments to keep energy levels up. Set up a kettle and tea/coffee making essentials.
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