How Can Lighting Help Me Sell My Home?

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Moving house can be stressful, especially when you can’t seem to sell despite a huge amount of viewings. There are many steps you can take to help improve your chances of selling your property and lighting is one of them.

Lighting can greatly impact a person’s mood. Poor artificial lighting, for example, can trigger depression, whereas natural daylight is calming and peaceful. People want to buy a beautiful home, not one that sparks gloomy thoughts. For this reason, we advise property owners to make some small adjustments with the lighting in their home to make it appear more appealing to buyers.

Natural Lighting

Few things can change the feel of your home more than bright, natural light. Not only can it improve the mood but also has the ability to make small spaces seem a lot larger. Clean your windows and trim any bushes or trees that might be blocking the light from entering your home. Place your mirrors carefully to reflect the light and make the place seem as airy as possible.

Ambient Lighting

Also known as general lighting, ambient lighting provides full, equal illumination of the room from a central source. Whether you want to install a fancy chandelier or more subtle recessed downlights, ambient lighting is vital. Consider the function of the room to help you decide what would be most appropriate.

Task Lighting

In areas where you need to be able to see clearly, you should think about installing task lighting. For example, spotlights beneath your kitchen cupboards will point down onto the work surfaces and hob to ensure you can see clearly when preparing meals.

Accent Lighting

If you want to draw the eye to something specific, accent lighting is ideal. If you have a beautiful piece of art that you’d like to showcase, for example, then you can install bright accent lighting to make it stand out. You could even use a candle to highlight the area, which can be very atmospheric.

Layered Lighting

With various different lights that can be controlled separately, you’ll have full control over the ambiance in your house. So, whether you want to make the place seem intimate and romantic or bright and airy for your potential buyers, a variety of well thought out lighting will help.

Ensure your journey to selling your home is as easy as can be by making these small changes and improvements. If you’re proud of your home, your contentment will rub off on other people and you will be delighted to show possible buyers around the property.

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